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Dedicated Purpose Inverter

FR500H Series Special Purpose Inverter for Multi-pump Constant Pressure Water Supply

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  • Multi-pumps control modes: 1.Single variable frequencypump, Multipower-frequency pump mode; 2.Variable and powerfrequency2 pump; 3.Multi-frequency following mode; 4.Multi-master mode.

  • Multiple rotation modes (fixed sequence,first start first stop, timing rotation) toprevent a single pump from running for along time.

  • Support cleaning function, clear theblockage of the water pump.

  • Support pressure sleep and wake upfunction.

  • Support the pipepressure fillingfunction to prevent pressure overshootat startup (slowly run the pipe beforestarting PID adjustment for pressurefilling).

  • Support dry pumping detectionfunction to prevent the pump fromburning out.

  • Power rate:Three phase 380V0.75kW~450kW

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