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Solar Pump Inverter

PV500 Series Solar Pumping Drive

DC 310V 0.75kW-75kWDC 540V 0.75kW-132kW
Get the perfect smart solar inverter for the ultimate sustainable energy application. Combining multiple types of solar inverters, the PV500 series MPPT solar pump inverter features advanced MPPT algorithms, recording functions, a hybrid power supply, and a dormancy wake-up function. The PV500 is suitable for every day, stable, and smart energy supply.

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Applicable to AM, PMSM, BLDC, etc.

Advanced MPPT Algorithms

Efficiency reaches 99%

Hybrid Power Supply

Support DC solar power / AC grid power input at same time.

And DC/AC auto switch.

Dormancy and Wake-up function Inverter will enter dormancy mode

Inverter will enter dormancy mode and wake up automatically according to the sunshine intensity

Built-in Protection

Support over-current, over-voltage, phase loss, 

shortcircuit, over-temperature protection etc.


Operation without battery

Large Water Yield

Larger water yield under the same condition

Water Level Control

Dry run protection, tank water level control

Recording Functions

Recording for total power generated (Kw/h), 

waterflow(m3), and operation time(H)

All Frecon smart solar inverters are built to follow ISO 9001:2015 standards, which guarantees their quality and functionality.


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