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Solar Pump Inverter Application

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Guide:With the intensifying energy crisis in todaysworld, FRECON actively promotes the concept of new energy utilization and sustainable development-the PV series of solar pump inverters came into being, and has enjoyed a good reputation in the domestic and overseas markets since its launch. The PV series solar pump inverter can convert the direct current of the solar panel into alternating current and drive various water pumps. It has made major contributions to farm irrigation, drinking water, and desert management.FRECON inverter solutions include technical support, production delivery, and reasonable solar power inverter price. Offer solar systems for irrigation and other water supply.


Process requirements and features


• Green energy

• Fully automatic operation

• Direct drive water pump to lift water

• Without battery

How did Frecon’s solar system for irrigation help harness renewable energy?

Frecon’s inverter solution produces power in three steps. First, the PV array panels collect the solar power, and then the PV array panels will transfer the solar power they collect to the solar pumping inverter via Direct current. During this step, the Frecon Solar pumping inverter will adjust its power output accordingly to different situations by using the MPPT algorithm to ensure the maximum usage of solar power. Finally, our solar pumping inverter will transfer the solar power to the water pump.

3. Schematic diagram


4. Main parameter settings


Parameter Name

Setting Range



Run command  


Terminal control


PV dedicated enable




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