• PV580 Series

    IP65 Solar Pump Inverter

    Power Range:0.75-55kw

  • PV150A&500 Series

    Solar Pump Inverter

    Power Range:0.2-450KW

  • FR500A Series

    Vector Control Drive

    Power Range:0.7-450KW

  • FR150A Series

    Multifunctional Drive

    Power Range:0.2-160KW

  • SP520 Series


    Power Range:3-5KW


Frecon Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a national-key high-tech, dual-soft enterprise in Shenzhen, China. We are a professional company that provides solar pump inverter solutions in industrial automation, energy management, and sustainable energy fields. With experience that’s more than a decade of experience in the development and application of energy converters, some of our leading products include vfd inverters, servo system drivers, solar inverters, and more. At Frecon Electric, we change the world one inverter at a time.

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With the intensifying energy crisis in today's world, FRECON actively promotes the concept of new energy utilization and sustainable development-the PV series of solar pump inverters came into being, and has enjoyed a good reputation in the domestic and overseas markets since its launch. The PV series solar pump inverter can convert the direct current of the solar panel into alternating current and drive various water pumps. It has made major contributions to farm irrigation, drinking water, and desert management.
Frecon provides special VFDs and Inverters for incense machines. The program of the inverter has been adapted according to the characteristics of the incense machine, with special incense machine functions (such as current, voltage suppression, jitter suppression, etc.).
The music fountain design focuses on the synchronous real-time nature of music and fountains. The control system uses variable frequency speed control, and the inverter controls the motor to achieve rapid response. Frecon provides a series of HMI, PLC, and servo systems products.
With the development of power semiconductor technology, AC inverter has been widely used in industrial washing machines in recent years. FRECON FR200X series inverter can satisfy high torque, multi-speed, wide voltage range, and high-temperature requirements. We offer various VFD inverters, HMI, PLC, and servo systems products.
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Address:2nd Floor, Building 3, HuaFengZhenBao LED Industrial Park, Shiyan street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

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