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The FRECON service hotline provides you with a full range of services such as technical consultation, feedback, application for return to the factory and on-site maintenance.
We will provide you with the best quality service in the fastest and most professional way!

Service promisepromise

01. During the warranty period, if the damage is caused by the following reasons, a certain repair fee will be charged

Damage to the machine caused by mistakes in use and unauthorized repairs and alterations
Machine damage caused by fire, flood, abnormal voltage, other natural disasters, and secondary disasters
Hardware damage caused by man-made fall and transportation after purchase
Damage to the machine caused by operation not in accordance with the user manual provided by our company
Failure and damage caused by obstacles other than the machine (such as external equipment factors)

02. When the product fails or is damaged, please fill in the contents of the "Product Warranty Card" correctly and in detail

03. The collection of maintenance costs shall be subject to the latest adjustment of our company’s "Maintenance Price List"

04. This warranty card will not be reissued under normal circumstances. Please be sure to keep this card and show it to the maintenance personnel during the warranty period.

05. If you have any questions during the service, please contact our agent or our company in time

06. The right to interpret this agreement belongs to Freiken Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

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