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FR600 Series 550VAC/690VAC Vector Control Inverter

Three Phase 550V 0.75kW~400kWThree Phase 690V 5.5kW~630kWIt has been widely used in metallurgy, Crane, Petro, Chemic...

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FR600 Series Vector Control Inverter is with good performance and high reliability. Its customized and 

industry-oriented design could better meet the demand of high-end and midrange applications. It has 

been widely used in metallurgy, Crane, Petro, Chemical and Mining industries etc.


 High Performance SVC Control Mode

Speed Control Accuracy : ±0.5%

Speed Control Range 1:100

Torque Control Response time: <200ms

Starting Torque180% Rated Torque/0.5Hz 


 Excellent Master-Slave Control

Power balance for multi-motors to extend life of motor.


Rich Autotuning Function

Rotary Autotuning

Static Autotuning


 Multi I/O Interface

7 channels programmable digital input, one of them support high speed pulse input.

3 channels analog input, two of them support 0~10V or 0~20mA choice, one of them support-10V~+10V.

2 channels programmable relay output.

2 channels programmable collector output.

2 channels programmable analog output.

1 channel support MODBUS-RTU standard RS-485 interface.

1 channel 24V power, max output current 200mA.

1 channel 10V power, max output 10mA.



Built-in Motor protection, Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Ground Protection and so on.

FR600 参数表格1.jpg

FR600 参数表格 Technical Parameters 3.jpg

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