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FR150A Series Multifunctional inverter

Single Phase 220V 0.2 ~2.2kWThree Phase 220V 0.75~75kWThree Phase 380V 0.75 ~160kW

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FRECON VFD supplies single-phase to 3-phase inverters. Our industrial inverters are powerful and easy to install. FR150A series multifunction drive is widely used with a power range of 0.2-160KW.

• Suitable for several typoes of motor

  1 Standard application wiring

  (Three phase 380V asynchronous mot: Three phase 380V input/Three phase 0-380V output;

  Three phase 220V asynchronous mot: Single phase 220V input/three phase 0-220V output

  2 Special application wiring(Please contact factory if using below application wiring)

    Single phase 220V input.

    Single phase 220V asynchronous mot.

    Single phase 0~220V input.


 Optimized Structural Design,Leading Technology PI

Compare with previous  generation products of the same power,the size of FR150 series is smaller.

greatly saves the installation space,It's convenient to layout the electronic control device.

maximum installation area reduced by 40%,volume reduced by 50%.


• Common DC bus

When using several inverters,can parallel DC buses of drives to implement energy share,reduce 

braking resistance power or cancel braking resistor.


 Built-in braking unit in all ratings

Only connect braking resistor to save cost


 Support input phase lacking protection,short circuit protection between motor to ground and motor phases

Comprehensive protection to ensure reliable operation.


 Built-in RS 485 communication(Modbus)

485+ 485- terminals,supports standard Modbus RTU communication,implement system integration.


 Convenient debugging

 1 Powerful background software.

 2 Short-cut menu:

     Common armeters setting rapidly to save customer's time to read manual

 3 Unique upload and download module which is convenient for parameter commissioning.

      Restore factory  parameters,bacdkup user parameters

 4 Design special applicaiton macro according to industry demand.

FR150 Series Multifunction Inverter EN V1.0(20180823) 详情页 电气规格.png

FR150 Series Multifunction Inverter EN V1.0(20180823) 详情页 技术参数.png

•  Applications

The FR150 series is the new generation's main model inverter of Frecon. Features include a power range of 0.2–160 KW and advanced control methods that help this series of industrial inverters achieve high torque, precision, reliability, and wide-speed drive. FR150 series single-phase to 3-phase inverter also has built-in simple PLC PID adjustment, programmable input, output terminals, an RS485 port, analog input and output, and many other advanced control functions that make Frecon's industrial inverter highly integrated solutions for equipment matching, engineering and transformation, automation control, and special industrial applications.

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