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Dedicated Purpose Inverter

FR500C Series Construction Elevator

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  • Parameter copy, parameter backup, flexible function code display and recessive

  • Common DC bus

  • Various main and auxiliary settings and switching

  • Reliable speed search

  • A variety of acceleration and deceleration curve options

  • Timing control, fixed length control function, counting function

  • Three groups of fault records

  • Over-excitation braking function, over-voltage stall, under-voltage stall, power-off restart function

  • Four-stage acceleration and deceleration time free switching function

  • Motor temperature protection function

  • Flexible fan control function

  • Process PID control function, simple PLC control function, support up to 16-speed operation

  • Swing frequency control operation

  • Flexible multi-function key setting function, field weakening control function

  • High-precision torque limit, V/F separation control, torque control without PG


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