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New Generation FR150/FR500 industrial drive shows at 2019 Automation India Exhibition

Date:2019-10-22 11:38:52Author:FRECONClick:366

2019 Automation India Exhibition was held in Mumbai Exhibition Center on 25th, Sep. 2019. The Automation India Exhibition is an advanced exhibition in the field of automation in India, with a total area of 20,000 square meters. It has attracted nearly 900 enterprises from the world in the field of automation to participate, involving all aspects of the field of automation, covering many themes. FRECON is very honored to be invited to this exhibition.

In this exhibition, FRECON showed FR150&FR500 new series general inverter and automatic control system. Show exhibitor with the most valuable industrial automation system solutions.

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At the exhibition site, team of FRECON and visiting customers had in-depth discussion and exchange on products, which not only brought greater market confidence to customers with cooperative relationship, but also attracted a group of new customers with cooperative intention. FRECON has been committed to continuous innovation, with the best products and services to provide customers with the best support. 2019 Automation India exhibition ended perfectly, FRECON will continued to update and bring the best industrial solution to share in the over the world. 

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