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FRECON 2019 India Ceramics Application Promotion Seminar

Date:2019-10-22 11:38:52Author:FRECONClick:135

On September 23, 2019, FRECON was invited to participate in the new generation of FR150 / FR500 series promotion seminar which held by Indian distributor. This promotion was held in the south of India, with a total of more than 400 people participating in it to make application analysis and sharing for the ceramic industry.


The overseas director Mr. Henry Chen, delivered a wonderful speech and gave a detailed presentation on the company and product solutions. He introduced the successful application of the old generation FR100 / FR200 Series in the ceramic industry, and analyzed the advantages of the new product FR150 / FR500 for the customers.

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The software manager followed closely, explaining the performance and highlights of the new products in detail, preparing the successful application of the new series of products FR150 / FR500 in the ceramic industry. It has attracted the attention of many participants and deepened their understanding of the application of the new series in the ceramic industry.


In the last stage of Q & A, the participants were given a face-to-face opportunity to ask their own questions. Many customers raised their hands and asked their own question. FRECON team discuss and answer customers' questions and perfectly solved all the customers' questions. Customers show that have expressed full confidence in the promotion of new series FR150 / FR500 industrial inverter.


This promotion seminar has achieved very good effect. With practical and exact feelings, customers can get a close understanding of the new products of FR150 / FR500, and analyze ceramic applications for customers from functions and product solutions. FRECON insist on to keep innovation andproviding customers with high-quality services to creates better future.

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