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FRECON Is Actively Preparing To Take Participate In The 13th International Renewable Energy India

Date:2019-08-01 10:50:17Author:FRECONClick:451

FRECON is actively preparing to take participate in the 13th International Renewable Energy India Expo 2019. At the exhibition, FRECON will exhibit the new generation solar pump inverter of PV150 & PV500 series, as well as SPV series photovoltaic cabinet.

The International Renewable Energy India Expo is a large-scale international new energy professional exhibition in India and even in South Asia, and it has received strong support from the Indian government. The exhibition was founded in 2007, and on the basis of maintaining its original characteristics, it has developed from two pavilions in 2008 to seven pavilions in 12 years. In the exhibition of 2018, the area of the exhibition is more than 60001 square meters. The exhibition brings together internationally renowned exhibitors, consultants, business experts and key government officials to discuss global best practices in the power and energy industries and to seek some of the most pressing solutions in the industry. Because its officially sponsored, and with the strong cooperation of UBM. The nature of the government is very strong, so the effect of the exhibition is outstanding, the market prospects are broad, and the economic benefits are very obvious.

The information of the exhibition is as follows:

Exhibition name: 13th International Renewable Energy India Expo 2019
Venue: India Expo Center, Greater Noida, UP, India
Date: 18th-20th Sept. 2019
Booth No: 11.135, Hall 11 (36 sqm)


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