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Industry Cases | Application of FR500A series inverter on electric hoist

Date:2024-05-21 09:25:06Author:FRECONClick:60

With the maturity of frequency conversion technology and the development of related control technology, 

it has been widely used in all kinds of lifting equipment. After the use of inverter, the electric hoist runs smoothly 

and can effectively reduce the impact when starting and stopping. The lifting speed can be set according to 

demand, and the most appropriate operating speed can be selected to improve work efficiency.


Electric hoist, referred to as electric hoist, is a light and small lifting equipment. The electric hoist has the advantages 

of light weight, small size, compact structure, complete category specifications and easy to use.



In the middle of the electric hoist is a steel wire rope drum, which is suspended on the beam of the crane made 

of I-steel by the trolley, and a motor is fixed with a flange at one end, and the power is transferred to the reducer 

at the other end through the drive shaft. After the deceleration of the power transfer to the wire rope drum, drive 

the hook lifting.



The conical rotor brake motor is directly started, and the conical motor is a three-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous 

motor with a fixed rotor conical with brake. A motor whose stator cavity and rotor shape are conical. It has the power 

failure self-braking ability, widely used in electric hoist, hoist and other lifting equipment.

When the motor is running electrically, the air gap magnetic field of the conical rotor motor produces axial magnetic 

tension, compresses the brake spring, and disengages the brake wheel of the fan and the brake ring on the motor end 

cover, and the motor can rotate freely.

When the motor is powered off, the axial magnetic pull disappears, and the rotor moves axially under the thrust of the 

brake spring, causing the fan brake wheel to press the brake ring, generating friction, forcing the motor to stop quickly 

and tie the rotor to prevent the lifting weight from falling and ensuring safety.


When the conical rotor brake motor starts directly, the impact current is large, the equipment impact is serious, and

the noise is large, which affects the service life and positioning accuracy of the equipment. The common frequency 

converter drives the conical rotor motor, because the torque is small at low frequency, it is difficult to open the brake, 

or it is easy to have the risk of slipping.


FRECON inverter has the advantages of high low frequency torque, fast torque response, flexible control mode, 

and high low frequency longitudinal magnetic field strength.





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