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Industry Cases | Application of Reactor in New Energy Industry

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Guide:This article mainly introduces the application scheme of FRECON inverter in reactors in the new energy industry.


Kettle equipment with stirrers is widely used in the new energy industry. In the production process of lithium batteries, 

it is used to prepare positive electrode materials such as ternary precursors, negative electrode materials and electrolytes; 

in the production of solar cells, it can be used Prepare the slurry required for solar panels and perform curing, sintering 

and other processes; in the field of biomass energy, it can be used in the pretreatment, biological fermentation, synthesis 

and refining of biomass raw materials; in the field of fuel cells, it can be used For the preparation of electrolyte membranes 

and electrode materials for fuel cells.


A reaction vessel is a sealed pressure vessel primarily used for chemical processes involving high viscosity, corrosiveness, 

and hazardous materials. In these processes, precise control of parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate is 

crucial. Variable frequency drives (VFDs) can meet these stringent requirements, ensuring the stability and efficiency of 

operation of the reaction vessel.


1.By adjusting the frequency, change the motor speed, to achieve energy-saving effect.

2.Adjust the torque of the motor in operation to greatly reduce the useless work.

3.According to the process requirements of the product, the motor can be closed loop control, 

so that the motor always works in a state of high efficiency and energy saving.

4.Can apply synchronous direct drive motor, the use of synchronous direct drive motor can remove 

the gear box, reduce later maintenance costs, improve efficiency.

5.The inverter itself has a strong protection performance, when there are over current, over voltage, 

overload, under voltage and other problems, the inverter will instantly protect, stop output, so as to protect the load from damage.

6.The starting current of the inverter is gentle, which can reduce the starting impulse current and avoid the impact on the power grid.


Step 1: Select the control mode


Step 2:Adjust the carrier size, the larger the carrier, the smaller the electromagnetic sound of the motor but the more heat generated by 

the driver. When the carrier is too high, the driver needs to be derated. General field application carrier adjustment in the range of 8K~12K, 

can be adjusted according to field requirements.


Step 3:Set the maximum frequency and lower frequency


Step 4:Acceleration and deceleration time adjustment, the general reactor acceleration and deceleration time is 60 seconds, 

can be adjusted according to the requirements of the site.


Step 5:Motor type selection


Step 6:Motor parameter adjustment


Note: After changing F08.30, press the start key on the panel for self-learning 


Manufacturers do energy-saving transformation, from the original asynchronous motor with gearbox structure to synchronous direct drive structure.


Asynchronous motor + reducer structure will drive motor, single reducer and motor control system for "3 in 1" integration, can reduce the use 

of heat pipe and high voltage harness, lower cost, motor layout has greater freedom; However, large energy consumption and large volume are 

fatal weaknesses, because the induction motor is used, it will be less efficient than the permanent magnet motor in low-speed conditions in the city.

The low-speed and high-torque permanent magnet direct drive motor directly drives the load without the reducer, which can greatly reduce the 

drive system energy consumption (reduce the motor loss and the original reducer loss); It can improve the reliability of machinery and equipment, 

reduce labor intensity and human resources cost; It has good social and economic benefits.



permanent magnet synchronous direct drive motor

1.The power range of permanent magnet synchronous motor is between 25% and 120% of the rated power, and the efficiency is high, up to 

more than 90%. Asynchronous motors have a wide power range and low efficiency, usually around 85% to 90%. Permanent magnet synchronous 

motors have higher efficiency in the high efficiency speed range, which can increase efficiency by 10-40%. (The reactor step reaction speed span 

is large, the application of synchronous direct drive motor can improve the efficiency of the reactor mixer)

2.The low-speed and high-torque permanent magnet direct drive motor directly drives the load without the reducer, which can greatly reduce 

the drive system energy consumption (reduce the motor loss and the original reducer loss); It can improve the reliability of machinery and 

equipment, reduce labor intensity and human resources cost; It has good social and economic benefits.


PMSM optimization item

1.Current failure is skipped on startup, and the current loop ratio is set too high


2.Occasionally the motor does not run when starting


3.A stutter occurs during startup


4.It can rotate normally at low frequencies and suddenly stop at high frequencies


5.The running current is too large or the motor sounds too loud


6.Running alarm over voltage fault





Mixing machinery in the design is according to the requirements of the use of conditions to consider a certain margin, and the 

mixer in the actual use of the process, it does not necessarily have to work at the maximum speed, there is a lot of time can work 

in the non-full load state; And different mixing speed, the reaction efficiency of the material in different stages is also different, 

by adding frequency conversion speed saving device on the mixer equipment can solve many problems in the use of the mixer 

once and for all.

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