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Off-Grid Inverter


SP520 series is a pure sine wave off-grid solar inverter that supports off-grid use. Contact us to get an inquiry about off-grid solar system costs.

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  1. Pure sine wave solar inverter

  2. Configurable output source priority

  3. Configurable AC/Solar charger priority

  4. Built-in 120-450V MPPT solar charger controller

  5. Support no battery operation function

  6. Compatible to grid power or generator power

  7. Standard built-in WIFI module, through mobile APP tomonitor and control the inverter

  8. With complete short-circuit, over-voltage,under-voltage,overload protection, etc.



Off-grid solar inverters are crucial for powering remote locations where traditional electricity grids are inaccessible, providing reliable electricity in off-grid areas. The SP520 off-grid solar inverter has wide-ranging applications, including desert management, serving farm irrigation, and drinking water away from the main power grid. 

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