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Small model, high configuration, large capacity, high speed

●Integrated analog input and output;

Powerful positioning and high-speed processing capabilities

●Positioning instructions to realize the position control of machinery and equipment;

●Variable speed pulse output, envelope pulse output function, realize multi-stage speed control of servo or stepping motor;

●Built-in high-speed processing: a total of 6 high-speed pulse input and high-speed pulse output, free to match;

Abundant interrupt resources

●Support communication interruption, pulse interruption, power failure interruption, and can set interrupt priority to realize advanced control.

Strong communication networking capabilities

●Support Modbus RTU, ModbusTCP, serial port free protocol, network port TCP free protocol, network port UDP free protocol, etc.;

Flexible programming method

●Support three programming modes: MODBUS network, palmtop computer and remote dialing, which is convenient for maintenance and debugging.

Convenient and practical features

●Provide special function module configuration and inverter communication instructions to simplify complex programming;

●Provide system configuration verification tools to facilitate users to expand the configuration.

Safer, more stable and more reliable

● 8-bit password protection, can be set to prohibit uploading of programs to prevent unauthorized copying;

● Ultra-wide voltage design, three-proof processing, input filtering and power-down protection functions to ensure that the PLC is more stable and reliable.



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