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Solar Pump Inverter

PV580 Series Solar Pumping Inverter

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1.Solve the problems of agricultural irrigation, daily water use, and desert management in areas with no electricity and water shortage

2.Widely used in various AC asynchronous pumps and synchronous pumps

3.IP65 design, high protection level outdoor installation model

4.Compatible with DC/AC power input

5.Optimized MPPT algorithm, efficiency is over 99%

6.Operating temperature range: -25~ 60 degrees

7.Adopt natural cooling method, low noise

8.GPRS remote monitoring of real-time operation status, real-time start and stop (optional)

9.Excellent performance, large water output

10.Fully automatic unattended operation, with perfect overcurrent, overvoltage, output phase loss protection, short circuit, overheating and other protection functions

11.The power model below 2.2KW is equipped with a built-in booster module as standard, which meets the requirements of low-voltage operation and can reduce the number of solar panels, thereby reducing costs



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