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FRECON Will Take Participate In The 14th Automation India Expo 2019

Date:2019-08-06 11:38:52Author:FRECONClick:479

FRECON is preparing for the upcoming 14th Automation India Exhibition 2019. At the exhibition, new FR150 & FR500A general purpose inverter and SD1000 servo drive will be displayed to exhibitors. Automation India Exhibition has been successfully held since 2002. Its scale has been expanding year by year. It is the first large-scale professional automation exhibition. It has a wide range of professional international exhibitors and visitors. Its professionalism has been well received by exhibitors. It is the most important and largest international automation exhibition in India. As a professional exhibition in the field of automation growing in China, the organizer can promote the exhibition more deeply and professionally in line with the Indian market, and invite professional sellers, purchasers and distributors. Now, after years of development, it has been called the most professional international automation exhibition in India by exhibitors.

The exhibition info as blew:

Exhibition name: 14th Automation India Exhibition 2019

Venue: Bombay Convention and Exhibition Certer, Goregaon (East), Mumbai, India
Date: 25th-28th Sept. 2019
Booth No: G11-12, Hall 1 (18 sqm)


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