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Industry Cases | Application of FRECON Inverter in Platform Screen Printing Machine

Date:2024-03-11 10:24:43Author:FRECONClick:159

Guide:This article mainly introduces the application scheme of FRECON frequency converter in platform screen printing machine

The screen printing belongs to orifice printing, and printing through the extrusion of the scraper, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the mesh of the image-text, so as to form the same image-text as the original.

The screen printing equipment is simple, operation is convenient, printing and platemaking is convenient and the cost is low, adaptable wide range of application. Common printing: color paintings, posters, signs and commodity signs and so on. 

The requirements of equipment stability, safety, control sensitivity, printing torque control, printing accuracy control are relatively high.

(1)The reaction speed of acceleration and deceleration control in left and right printing parts is quickly;

(2)Require big converter Low frequency torque(it has a great influence on printing effect);

(3)The upper and lower oscillation control requires higher frequency converter braking, it should be accurate parking, and start quickly, stop quickly; 

(4)The upper and lower oscillating parts are requires higher overload capacity and bigger low-frequency torque of the converter,an abnormality occurred during printing process, inverter in the overload situation, the upper and lower back arm can quickly return(It will affects the safety)


Motor Power:0.4KW

Inverter Type:FR150A-2S-0.4B(Single-phase 220V,0.4KW)

(2)Control artwork master

External terminal Forward -reverse control

External AI analog speed regulation

Acceleration and deceleration quickly

If the actual application process is over voltage, The braking mode adopts external energy consumption braking(the application only uses DC brake)



Motor Power:1.5KW

Inverter Type:FR500A-4T-1.5G/2.2PB

(2)Control principle

External terminal External terminal Forward-reverse control

If the actual application process is over voltage, The braking mode adopts external energy consumption braking(the application only uses DC brake)

The output mode is relay output 

Acceleration and deceleration quickly


When the FR150A series inverter works in the left and right printing drive control, the low-frequency torque is big, the speed response is fast and the printing effect is improved.

When the FR500A series inverter works in the upper and lower swing control, it is high stopping accuracy and quick response, do not need to connect external braking resistor, and the start and stop is stable, and the overload capability is strong.

After the Users are equipped with our company's FR150A series and FR500A series products, the equipment stability, printing accuracy, printing safety, control sensitivity and other aspects has been fully promoted.

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