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FRECON Construction Lifting Special Inverter Application

Date:2022-06-15 14:31:42Author:FRECONClick:113

Guide:FRECON Construction lifting special inverter application

Project Background

Construction lift, also known as construction elevator and architecture lift, generally refer to the means of transport for vertically transporting pedestrians or building materials on construction sites. The total number of construction lift in the world exceeds eight million, and it is the most used vertical transport of people and goods in the contemporary construction industry tool.

Program introduction

FR500C series vector control inverter is mainly positioned as a high-end market for OEM customers and the specific requirements of fan and pump load applicationsits flexibledesign, both embedded SVC and VF control in one, can be widely used for speed controlaccuracy, torque response speed, low-frequency output characteristics and other situationswith higher requirements.

Product Characteristics and advantages

  • Independent duct design can effectively prevent dust into the inverter, thus improve its reliability

  • Comprehensive protection function, users are more easily to use

  • Excellent performance, improved on-site adaptability

  • Able to achieve V/F fully separated and semi-separated operation

  • Support PROFIBUS, CAN, GPRS-DTU and other communications

  • Unique Dead Time Compensation: Ensure stable torque output at low frequency

  • With oscillation suppression function, the motor can run smoothly

Selection table


Field application picture


Aiming at the increasing application of construction lift, we have developed an construction lifting special inverter,it is with small size, simple assembly and beautifulappearance.

FR500C series inverters greatly improve energy efficiency, create considerable economic and social benefits for the safe and efficient operation of construction lift, achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction, and greatly improve the safety and reliability of operation.

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