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380V 1hp 3 Phase VFD , 20Hz 22kw Frecon Solar Drive LED Panel

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With the purchase of your company's inverter products, our industrial work has been greatly improved, saving the energy consumed by reactive power. The motor can play a better performance under the drive of variable frequency voltage, and the company has professional logistics support, which makes us very relaxed.

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Your company's inverter products are cost-effective, with excellent current and voltage control technology, and reduce the impact on the power grid and power supply capacity requirements, extend the service life of equipment and valves. The maintenance cost of the equipment is saved.

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380V 1hp 3 Phase VFD , 20Hz 22kw Frecon Solar Drive LED Panel

380V 1hp 3 Phase VFD , 20Hz 22kw Frecon Solar Drive LED Panel
380V 1hp 3 Phase VFD , 20Hz 22kw Frecon Solar Drive LED Panel

Large Image :  380V 1hp 3 Phase VFD , 20Hz 22kw Frecon Solar Drive LED Panel

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shenzhen China
Brand Name: Frecon
Model Number: FR150A
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1

380V 1hp 3 Phase VFD , 20Hz 22kw Frecon Solar Drive LED Panel

Input Voltage: 380Vdc Or 220Vac Weight: According The Model
Output Frequency: 20 To 60Hz Warranty: 18 Months
Product Name: Solar Pump Inverter Power: 0.75kw~22kw Converter
High Light:

380V 1hp 3 Phase VFD


20Hz Frecon Solar Drive


22kw frecon solar drive

Frecon FR150A-4T-1.5GB-H Three Phase 380V Frequency Inverter_02.jpg

Project Specifications
Power input Rated input voltage (V) 1-Phase 220V (-15%~+20%)
3-phase 380 V (-15%~+30%)
Rated input current (A) See table 2-1
Rated input frequency (Hz) 50Hz/60Hz,tolerance±5%
Power output Applicable motor (kW) See table 2-1
Rated output current (A) See table 2-1
The maximum output voltage (V) 0~rated input voltage, error<±3%
The maximum output frequency (Hz) 0.00~600.00 Hz,unit0.01Hz
Control V/f patterns V/f control
characteristics Sensor-less vector control 1
  Sensor-less vector control 2
  Speed range 1:50 (V/f control)
  1:100 (sensor-less vector control 1)
  1:200 (sensor-less vector control 2)
  Speed accuracy ±0.5% (V/f control)
  ±0.2% (sensor-less vector control 1,2 )
  Speed fluctuation ±0.3% (sensor-less vector control 1,2 )
  Torque response < 10ms (sensor-less vector control 1,2 )
  Starting torque 0.5Hz: 180% (V/f control, sensor-less vector control 1)
  0.25Hz:180%(sensor-less vector control 2)
Basic functions Carrier frequency 0.7kHz~16kHz
Overload capability G Model:150% Rated Current 60s,180% Rated Current 10s,200% Rated Current 1s.
Torque boost Automatic torque boost;Manual torque boost 0.1%~30.0%
V/F Curve Three ways: Three ways: straight; multi-point type; N Th-type V / F curve(1.2 Th -type,1.4 Th -type,1.6 Th -type,1.8Th -type,2Th 
Acceleration and deceleration Curve Line or curve acceleration and deceleration mode.
Four kinds of acceleration and deceleration time,Ramp Time Range :0.0~6000.0s
DC brake DC brake start frequency: 0.00~600.00Hz
DC brake time:0.0s~10.0s
DC brake current:0.0%~150.0%
Basic functions Jog brake Jog frequency range:0.00Hz~50.00Hz.
Jog deceleration time: 0.0s~6000.0s.
Simple PLC,Multi-speed Through the built-in PLC or control terminal to achieve up to 16 speed running
Built-in PID Facilitate the realization of process control loop control system
Automatic voltage adjustment(AVR) When the grid voltage changes, can automatically maintain a constant output voltage
Fast current limit function Minimize over current fault protection inverter running
Over voltage Over current The system automatically limits the current and voltage during operation, prevent frequent
Run Command source Given the control panel, control terminal, serial communication port given.
Frequency given 9 kinds of frequency sources: digital setting, keyboard potentiometer setting, analog
A given voltage, analog current setting given pulse, a given port, a given multi-speed, PLC given, process PI
D reference. There are several ways to switch
Protection Provide more than ten fault protection: overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature and overload protection.
Display and keyboard LED Display Display Parameters
Key lock and function selection Implement some or all the key lock, the key portion defined range, to prevent misuse
Run and stop monitoring information In the run or stop can be set to monitor U00 group four objects were.
Environment Place of Indoors, no direct sunlight, free from dust, corrosive gases,
operation flammable gases, oil mist, water vapor, water drop and salt, etc.
Altitude 0~2000m
De-rate 1% for every 100m when the altitude is above 1000 meters
Ambient -10℃~40℃
Relative 5~95%, no condensation
Vibration Less than 5.9m/s2 (0.6g)
Storage -20℃~+70℃
Others Efficiency Rated power≥93%
Installation Wall-mounted or DIN-rail mounting
IP grade IP20
Cooling Fan cooled


FR150A series of intelligent inverter is FRECON based on low power, small size, low-cost single-phase market demand for the introduction of three-phase 220VAC and 380VAC micro-inverter.Smaller size, suitable for a wider voltage, low voltage ride through, side by side, over-excitation braking and other functions, and has CE certification, etc., designed to provide better products and services to Chinese users.FR150A can change the frequency of the current, which can adjust the speed of the moto.Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, textile, electric power, coal, food, paper, plastic, printing, etc.



  • Standard LED operation panel, LCD operation panel optional.
  • Quick start menu, easy to debug. Optional Bluetooth adapter, convenient to connect to mobile clients.
  • Pluggable I/O terminals are convenient for installation and maintenance.
  • The modular design.
  • Seamless side by side, saving cabinet space.
  • The use of more flexible.
  • Give full play to the highest performance of ordinary motors
  • Richer functions surpass the previous general-purpose inverters.
  • The highest level of drive performance:

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FRECON software enterprises in Shenzhen City, the central focus on supporting high-tech enterprises, industrial automation, energy efficient, green new energy field of the professional company. FRECON has 10 years of experience in the development and application inverters, servo drive, energy-saving

Control cabinet, industrial robots, solar inverter systems, electric vehicles and control systems. Covering power of 0.2 KW ~ 1 MW. In EMC and safety, FRECON product complies with European Union CE directives.


FRECON 40 has a number of patents and copyrights inventions, utility models and software copyrights.


FRECON strict implementation of the ISO9001: 2008 quality system standards. FRECON products are widely used in equipment manufacturing and energy-saving projects, mainly related to the elevator,

Petroleum, chemicals, iron and steel, ceramics, textiles, wire drawing machines, air compressors, machine tools, solar energy and other fields.

There FRECON East China (Wuxi), South China (Shenzhen), North China (Beijing),

Southwest (Chongqing), the Northeast (Shenyang) five regional logistics center, has 21 offices in China, logistics service network covering the whole country. FRECON has coinsurance centers and distribution network in over 40 countries such as Australia, Poland, Spain, South Africa, Russia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and so on.


380V 1hp 3 Phase VFD , 20Hz 22kw Frecon Solar Drive LED Panel 1


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380V 1hp 3 Phase VFD , 20Hz 22kw Frecon Solar Drive LED Panel 3


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