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2000m 5.9m/s2 3 Phase Inverter Drive 0.75kw Three Phase AC Drive Frequency

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With the purchase of your company's inverter products, our industrial work has been greatly improved, saving the energy consumed by reactive power. The motor can play a better performance under the drive of variable frequency voltage, and the company has professional logistics support, which makes us very relaxed.

—— Rebans  Co., Ltd

Your company's inverter products are cost-effective, with excellent current and voltage control technology, and reduce the impact on the power grid and power supply capacity requirements, extend the service life of equipment and valves. The maintenance cost of the equipment is saved.

—— Fukeshun Co., Ltd

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2000m 5.9m/s2 3 Phase Inverter Drive 0.75kw Three Phase AC Drive Frequency

2000m 5.9m/s2 3 Phase Inverter Drive 0.75kw Three Phase AC Drive Frequency
2000m 5.9m/s2 3 Phase Inverter Drive 0.75kw Three Phase AC Drive Frequency

Large Image :  2000m 5.9m/s2 3 Phase Inverter Drive 0.75kw Three Phase AC Drive Frequency

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shenzhen China
Brand Name: Frecon
Model Number: FR500A&510A

2000m 5.9m/s2 3 Phase Inverter Drive 0.75kw Three Phase AC Drive Frequency

Product Name: Delixi Frequency Inverter Color: Dark
Display: Easy To Operate Power: 0.4~600KW
Oem: Yes Efficiency: Up To 98.8
High Light:

2000m 3 Phase Inverter Drive


5.9m/s2 3 Phase Inverter Drive


0.75kw 3 phase frequency inverter

Product Description

24 Months Warranty 0.75kw Three Phase AC Drive Frequency Inverter



Power input

Rated input voltage (V)

3-phase 380 V (-15%~+30%)

Rated input current (A)

See table 2-1

Rated input frequency(Hz)


Power output

Applicable motor(kW)

See table 2-1

Rated output current(A)

See table 2-1

The maximum output voltage(V)

0~rated input voltage, error<±3%

The maximum output frequency(Hz)

0.00~600.00 Hz,unit0.01Hz


V/f patterns

V/f control
Sensor-less vector control 1
Sensor-less vector control 2

Speed range

1:50 (V/f control)
1:100 (sensor-less vector control 1)
(sensor-less vector control 2)

Speed accuracy

±0.5% (V/f control)
±0.2% (sensor-less vector control 1 & 2)

Speed fluctuation

±0.3% (sensor-less vector control 1 & 2)

Torque response

< 10ms (sensor-less vector control 1 & 2)

Starting torque

0.5Hz: 180% (V/f control, sensor-less vector control 1)
0.25Hz: 180% (sensor-less vector control 2)

Basic functions

Carrier frequency


Overload capability

G Model:150% Rated Current 60s,180% Rated Current 10s,200% Rated Current 1s.
P Model:120% Rated Current 60s,145% Rated Current 10s,160% Rated Current 1s.

Torque boost

Automatic torque boost;Manual torque boost 0.1%~30.0%

V/F Curve

Three ways:Three ways: straight; multi-point type; N Th-type V / F curve(1.2 Th -type, 1.4 Th -type, 1.6 Th -type, 1.8 Th -type, 2
Th -type

Acceleration and deceleration Curve

Line or curve acceleration and deceleration mode.
Four kinds of acceleration and deceleration time
,Ramp Time Range :0.0~6000.0s

DC brake

DC brake start frequency: 0.00~600.00Hz
DC brake time:0.0s
DC brake current:0.0%

Basic functions

Jog brake

Jog frequency range:0.00Hz~50.00Hz.
Jog deceleration time: 0.0s

Simple PLC, Multi-speed

Through the built-in PLC or control terminal to achieve up to 16 speed running

Built-in PID

Facilitate the realization of process control loop control system

Automatic voltage adjustment(AVR)

When the grid voltage changes, can automatically maintain a constant output voltage

Fast current limit function

Minimize over current fault protection inverter running

Over voltage Over current

System automatically limits of current and voltage during operation to prevent frequent


Command source

Given the control panel, control terminal, serial communication port given.

Frequency given

9 kinds of frequency given sources: digital setting, keyboard potentiometer setting, analog
Voltage, given analog current reference pulse is given, the serial port is given, multi-speed given, PLC is given, the process PI
D reference. There are several ways to switch

Input terminal

7 Switch input terminals, one way to make high-speed pulse input.
3-channel analog inputs, including 2-way 0
~10V / 0~20mA voltage and current options,
a way to support -10
~+10 V input


2-way switch output terminal, which supports a maximum road speed 100kHz pulse output.
2 relay output terminals.
2 analog output terminal, and optional voltage and current.


Parameter copy, parameter backup, flexible parameter displayed & hidden. Common DC bus(Contains below 30 KW).
Three faults recorded.
Over excitation brake, overvoltage stall protection programmable, under voltage stall


Provide fault protection dozen: Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Overtemperature, Overload Etc Protection.

Display and keyboard

LED Display

Display Parameters

Key lock and function selection

Realize some or all of the keys locked, scope definition section keys to prevent misuse

Run and stop monitoring information

In the run or stop can be set to monitor U00 group four objects were.


Place of

Indoors, no direct sunlight, free from dust, corrosive gases,
flammable gases, oil mist, water vapor, water drop and salt, etc.


De-rate 1% for every 100m when the altitude is above 1000 meters




5~95%, no condensation


Less than 5.9m/s2 (0.6g)





Rated power≥93%


Wall-mounted or Flange mounting

IP grade



Fan cooled


1, abnormal soft start to prevent damage

Mis braking resistor, resulting in abnormal bus voltage or soft start failure, or failure of the braking unit connected to the bus when a short circuit, can make an effective protection against damage to the inverter, since the recovery operation after the exception excluded.


2, the three-phase thyristor

Change the traditional product contact resistance + soft start mode, reduce the failure point. Sealed components enhance the adaptability of the product high dust environments. Reducing the space of electromagnetic radiation, to simplify the structure and layout of the machine to reduce the amount of heat, so that machine to obtain excellent reliability of the lift.


3, independent duct design

By reserving a separate duct installation function, so that the product can be mounted sink, air duct portion can be installed through the wall, space saving, and environmental damage to the isolated high fiber cooling fan. Product flexibility to adapt to the environment more.


4, speed tracking

Speed tracking restart function, achieved no impact on the smooth start rotating motor, while preventing overcurrent protection.



5, DC braking

DC braking can be achieved smoothly without impact, braking quickly and accurately.


6. Thermal simulation analysis

Simulation of thermal analysis of the product is clear and the flow field temperature field distribution, optimal design of the air duct or cooling system, making the machine more uniform temperature distribution, thermal design more accurate structures, ensure the long-term reliable operation.


7, environmental adaptability

Independent duct design, according to protection class optional wiring boards, dust-proof accessories to meet the needs of most sites, and easy to clean. With a mine-protected, anti-power fluctuations and strong ability to adapt to the instantaneous power failure, power shutdown. Resistant to adapt to complex environments.


8. Excellent responsiveness

Vector frequency control technology for fast dynamic response effect, on the basis of output speed to ensure the stability of the system can quickly follow changes in load, improve the system efficiency.



9, permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control open loop

Open-loop vector control of permanent magnet synchronous motor, the wiring is simple, speed and high precision, wide applicability of products.


10. excellent resistance overcurrent / anti-overpressure function

In extremely short deceleration time and load fluctuations, having a superior transient current and voltage control, it does not appear overcurrent and overvoltage phenomena, ensuring maximum trip-free operation.



11. The low frequency oscillation

The use of effective suppression algorithm can be suppressed, and solve the conventional induction motor stator current oscillation, torque ripple and speed problems, improve system stability.



12. Overmodulation

Compared with the conventional sinusoidal modulation, the PWM modulation function can be improved through the utilization of bus voltage, increasing the output voltage of the inverter. Suitable for long-term low grid voltage, long-term or heavy load or impact load applications.



13. A plurality of braking

DC braking deceleration:

Fast, smooth and accurate parking for applications that require a smooth, non-impact, precise parking situations, such as knitting, sewing, lifting, lifting and so on.


Power-on DC braking:

It is suitable for occasions that require the motor to be braked before starting to eliminate irregular rotation caused by external factors, such as large fans.



Energy consumption braking:

0.75~110kW each specification has built-in braking unit. When it needs to stop quickly, it can be directly connected to the braking resistor, which is suitable for the occasions where large inertia load frequently brakes.


Flux brake:

The kinetic energy of the motor is converted into heat energy to be consumed on the motor rotor. This function can effectively suppress the increase of the bus voltage during the braking process.

Company Information

Company profile


FRECON is an enterprise accredited by the double soft in shenzhen city, a new high-tech enterprise which is strongly supported by central government, a professional company in the field of industrial automation, efficient energy saving and green new energy. FRECON has more than 10 years experience of development and application on frequency converter, servo driver, energy-saving control cabinet, industrial robot , Solar inverter system,electric cars and control system. Product power range covers 0.2 KW ~ 1 MW. In the aspects of EMC and safety, FRECON products are in accordance with the European Union CE directive requirements.


FRECON has more than 40 patents and copyright like inventions, utility models, appearance and software copyright, and so on.


FRECON executes the ISO9001:2008 quality system standard strictly. FRECON products are widely used in the equipment manufacturing industry and energy saving renovation project, mainly related to the elevator, petroleum, chemical, steel, ceramics, textiles, wire drawing machine, air compressor, machine tools, solar energy, and many other fields.

FRECON has five regional logistics center in China: east China(wuxi), south China (shenzhen) , north China (Beijing), southwest (chongqing), northeast (shenyang), and 21 offices in China, whose logistics and service network covers the whole country .FRECON has coinsurance centers and distribution network in more than 40 countries such as Australia, Poland, Spain, South Africa, Russia, India,Bangladesh, Vietnam, and so on. 


2000m 5.9m/s2 3 Phase Inverter Drive 0.75kw Three Phase AC Drive Frequency 0


2000m 5.9m/s2 3 Phase Inverter Drive 0.75kw Three Phase AC Drive Frequency 1


2000m 5.9m/s2 3 Phase Inverter Drive 0.75kw Three Phase AC Drive Frequency 2


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2000m 5.9m/s2 3 Phase Inverter Drive 0.75kw Three Phase AC Drive Frequency 3

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Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are factory.

Q: Do you provide samples is it free or extra??
A:. Yes, we could offer the sample to test with reasonable charges We can send the sample to you by express like DHL or UPS, normally you can receive the sample in one week.

Q: What is your terms of payment?
A:. 100% in advance Welcome pay by Trade Assurance through Alibaba so your payment can get guarantee from Alibaba company L / C and O / A would be possible for regular customers..

Q: What is your terms of packing?
A:. Generally, we use carton box pack reasonable special packing requirements from customers are acceptable for us.

Q. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A: Yes, 100% test before delivery
Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: If you have the goods, normally it takes 5-10 days. Or 15-20 days if there is no cargo, according to the number of calculations. We have rich experience in supply large customers, so do not worry about the delivery time.
With years of export experience, excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, Frecon Electric has won numerous customer trust and support.


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