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1.5kw 2000m Single Phase Solar Pump Controller 220VAC MPPT Charge Controller

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With the purchase of your company's inverter products, our industrial work has been greatly improved, saving the energy consumed by reactive power. The motor can play a better performance under the drive of variable frequency voltage, and the company has professional logistics support, which makes us very relaxed.

—— Rebans  Co., Ltd

Your company's inverter products are cost-effective, with excellent current and voltage control technology, and reduce the impact on the power grid and power supply capacity requirements, extend the service life of equipment and valves. The maintenance cost of the equipment is saved.

—— Fukeshun Co., Ltd

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1.5kw 2000m Single Phase Solar Pump Controller 220VAC MPPT Charge Controller

1.5kw 2000m Single Phase Solar Pump Controller 220VAC MPPT Charge Controller
1.5kw 2000m Single Phase Solar Pump Controller 220VAC MPPT Charge Controller

Large Image :  1.5kw 2000m Single Phase Solar Pump Controller 220VAC MPPT Charge Controller

Product Details:
Brand Name: Frecon
Model Number: PV150
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1

1.5kw 2000m Single Phase Solar Pump Controller 220VAC MPPT Charge Controller

Flexible: Compatible IEC Standard Three Phase Induction Motor Compatible With Popular PV Modules Smart: Adaptive Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology, Efficiency Up To 99% Automatically Adjust The Amount Of Water Adaptive Motor Power
Cost-effective: System Design Out Of The Box Built-in Motor Pump Protection Function Battery-free Design, For A Variety Of Applications Easy To Maintain: Easy To Maintain
Reliable: Leading Motor And Pump Drive Technology, 10 Years Of Experience In The Application Market Soft Start Function And To Prevent Water Hammer Effect To Extend The Life Of The System Built-in Intelligent IGBT Module, Simplify System Design, Increase System Reli Remote Monitoring: Standard RS-485 Interface Optional GPRS Module For Remote Monitoring Monitoring Solar Water Pump System Anytime, Anywhere View The History Of Solar Water Pump System Parameters Support Web Client PC, Android / IOS APP Monitoring
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1.5kw Single Phase Solar Pump Controller


2000m Single Phase Solar Pump Controller


220VAC solar inverter with mppt charge controller

1.5kw Best For Water Pump Control 220v 1 Phase MPPT Solar Water Pump Inverter


PV150A series solar pump inverter adopts MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and excellent motor drive technology to maximize the output power of solar panels. The PV150A inverter is compatible with AC and DC input, and the AC output can be used for various common AC pumps. When solar energy is not available or sunlight is not enough to drive the water pump, the inverter can automatically switch to single-phase or three-phase AC input power, such as generators and grid power. The product can be used in fields such as farmland irrigation, water well pumping, etc.


Product Introduction


1 Flexible
Compatible IEC standard three phase induction motor
Compatible with popular PV modules
You can switch to mains work
2 Smart
Adaptive maximum power point tracking technology, efficiency up to 99%
Automatically adjust the amount of water
Adaptive motor power
3 Cost-effective
System design out of the box
Built-in motor pump protection function
Battery-free design, for a variety of applications
4 easy to maintain
5 Reliable
Leading motor and pump drive technology, 10 years of experience in the application market
Soft start function and to prevent water hammer effect to extend the life of the system
Built-in intelligent IGBT module, simplify system design, increase system reliability
Built-in over-voltage, overload, overheating and slip protection
6 Remote monitoring
Standard RS-485 interface
Optional GPRS module for remote monitoring
Monitoring solar water pump system anytime, anywhere
View the history of solar water pump system parameters
Support web client PC, Android / iOS APP monitoring
7 compact design
Small volume, suitable for many occasions




1.GPRS module
All models can be configured GPRS module for real-time remote monitoring and operation page or phone the APP.


2. LCD keyboard

Three sets of data can be displayed simultaneously.

It can display water and solar power.

You can clearly visualize the meaning of the parameters



1. The inverter works automatically

When the input DC voltage is lower than 230V, the inverter enters a sleep state.
Once the input DC voltage is higher than 230V, it will wake up and work automatically.

2. Debugging functions, two solutions

1) No idling sensor function.
2) Analog sensor function of detecting water.


Solar panels arrayed

In the case of the input voltage does not exceed the maximum power, the voltage, the better.

Solar power panel arrangement ①: 1.3 the pump power.

② arranged solar panel voltage: 220V inverter board recommended Voc 360 ~ 430VDC, 380V inverter board recommended Voc 600 ~ 750VDC.

③ solar panel output current: Imp solar panel> rated motor current


Input specication
Model PV150-2S PV150-4T
Maximum Input DC Voltage 450VDC 800VDC
Re commended Voc Range 360~430VDC 600~750VDC
Re commended MPPT Voltage Range 250~350VDC 450~600VDC
Starting Voltage Range PV150:80~450VDC 230~800VDC
Grid or backup generator input
Input voltage 2S: Single phase 220V(-15%~20%) Three phase 380V(-15%~30%)
Output specication
Rated output voltage 3PH 220V 3PH 380V
Output frequency 0~600.00Hz (default: 0~50.00Hz) 0~600.00Hz (default: 0~50.00Hz)
Built-in Protection Lighting Protection, over-current,overvoltage,output phease-lose,under-load, under-voltage,short circuit, overheating, water pump run dry etc. Lighting Protection, over-current,overvoltage,output phease-lose,under-load, under-voltage,short circuit, overheating, water pump run dry etc.
General Parameters
Application Site No direct sunshine, no dust,cirrisuve gas, combustible gas, oil mist, steam, dripping or salinity etc.
Altitude 0~2000m Derated use above 1000m, per 100m, the rated outed output currentdecrease 1%
Environment Temperature -10°C~40°C (Environment Tenmperature be 40°C~50°C, please keep derated use.)
Humidity 5~95% non-condensation
Vibration less than 5.9 m/s² (0.6g)
Storage Temperature -20°C~+70°C
Effciency Rated Power Run ≥93%
Installation Wall or rail mounting
Protection Grade IP20
Cooling Forced Air Cooling



Model Rated Output Current(A) Output Frequency(Hz) DC Input Voltage Range(V) Recommended Solar Power (KW) Recommended Solar Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) Pump Power(KW)
PV150I-2S:DC input 70-450V DC, AC input 1 phase 220V (-15%~20%) AC;Output 1 phase 220VAC
PV150-2S-0.4B 4.2 0-600 70-450 0.6 360-430 0.4
PV150-2S-0.7B 7.5 0-600 70-450 1.1 360-430 0.75
PV150-2S-1.5B 10.5 0-600 70-450 2.25 360-430 1.5
PV150-2S-2.2B 17 0-600 70-450 3.3 360-430 2.2
1S model:DC input 70-450V, AC input 1 phase 110-220V;Output 3 phase 110VAC
PV150-1S-1.5B 7.5 0-600 70-450 2.25 170-300 0.4
PV150-1S-2.2B 9.5 0-600 70-450 3.3 170-300 0.75
2S model:DC input 70-450V, AC input 1 phase 220V (-15%~20%) ;Output 3 phase 220VAC  
PV150-2S-0.4B 2.5 0-600 70-450 0.6 360-430 0.4
PV150-2S-0.7B 4.2 0-600 70-450 1.1 360-430 0.75
PV150-2S-1.5B 7.5 0-600 70-450 2.25 360-430 1.5
PV150-2S-2.2B 9.5 0-600 70-450 3.3 360-430 2.2
4T model:DC input 230-800V, AC input 3 phase 380V (-15%~30%);Output 3 phase 380VAC  
PV150-4T-0.7B 2.5 0-600 230-800 1.1 600-750 0.75
PV150-4T-1.5B 4.2 0-600 230-800 2.25 600-750 1.5
PV150-4T-2.2B 5.5 0-600 230-800 3.3 600-750 2.2
PV500-4T-4.0B 9.5 0-600 230-800 6 600-750 4.0
PV500-4T-5.5B 13.0 0-600 230-800 8.9 600-750 5.5
PV500-4T-7.5B 17.0 0-600 230-800 11 600-750 7.5
PV500-4T-011B 25.0 0-600 230-800 17 600-750 11
PV500-4T-015B 32.0 0-600 230-800 21 600-750 15
PV500-4T-018B 37.0 0-600 230-800 24 600-750 18.5
PV500-4T-022B 45.0 0-600 230-800 30 600-750 22
PV500-4T-030B 60.0 0-600 230-800 40 600-750 30
PV500-4T-037 75.0 0-600 230-800 57 600-750 37
PV500-4T-045 91.0 0-600 230-800 69 600-750 45
PV500-4T-055 112.0 0-600 230-800 85 600-750 55
PV500-4T-075 150.0 0-600 230-800 114 600-750 75
PV500-4T-090 176 0-600 230-800 134 600-750 90
PV500-4T-110 210.0 0-600 230-800 160 600-750 110
PV500-4T-132 253.0 0-600 230-800 192 600-750 132
PV500-4T-160 304.0 0-600 230-800 231 600-750 160
PV500-4T-185 350.0 0-600 230-800 240 600-750 185
PV500-4T-200 377.0 0-600 230-800 250 600-750 200




About us


FRECON is a high-tech enterprise supported by the central government, a professional company in the fields of industrial automation, high efficiency and energy saving, and green new energy. FRECON has more than 10 years of development and application experience in the fields of inverters, servo drives, energy-saving control cabinets, industrial robots, solar inverter systems, electric vehicles and control systems. The product power range covers 0.2 KW ~ 1 MW. In terms of EMC and safety,

FRECON products meet the requirements of the EU CE Directive.
FRECON has more than 40 patents and copyrights for inventions, utility models, appearance and software copyrights.
FRECON strictly implements the ISO9001:2008 quality system standard. FRECON products are widely used in equipment manufacturing and energy-saving renovation projects, mainly involving elevators, petroleum, chemicals, steel, ceramics, textiles, wire drawing machines, air compressors, machine tools, solar energy and many other fields.
FRECON has five regional logistics centers in China: East China (Wuxi), South China (Shenzhen), North China (Beijing), Southwest (Chongqing), and Northeast (Shenyang). It has 21 offices in China and its logistics service network covers the whole country. FRECON has mutual insurance centers and distribution networks in more than 40 countries including Australia, Poland, Spain, South Africa, Russia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Europe.


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Frequently asked questions:

Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

Answer: We are a factory.

Q: Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?

Answer: Yes, we can provide samples for testing at a reasonable cost. We can

Send the samples to you via DHL or UPS, usually you can receive the samples within a week.

What are your payment terms?

Answer: 100% in advance. Payment is made through the company account.

Q: What are your packaging conditions?

Answer: Usually, we use cardboard boxes. Customers can accept reasonable special packaging requirements.

Q: Do you test all products before shipping?

Answer: Yes, 100% testing should be done before shipment

Q: How long is your delivery time?

Answer: If you have stock, usually it takes 5-10 days. Or 15-20 days (if no stock) to the number shall prevail. We have extensive experience in providing products for large customers, so we do not have to worry about the delivery time.

With years of export experience, excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, Furui Kang Electric has won numerous customer trust and support.

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