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0.7kHz 6000s 3 Phase Inverter Drive High Frequency Ac Drives 10kw

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With the purchase of your company's inverter products, our industrial work has been greatly improved, saving the energy consumed by reactive power. The motor can play a better performance under the drive of variable frequency voltage, and the company has professional logistics support, which makes us very relaxed.

—— Rebans  Co., Ltd

Your company's inverter products are cost-effective, with excellent current and voltage control technology, and reduce the impact on the power grid and power supply capacity requirements, extend the service life of equipment and valves. The maintenance cost of the equipment is saved.

—— Fukeshun Co., Ltd

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0.7kHz 6000s 3 Phase Inverter Drive High Frequency Ac Drives 10kw

0.7kHz 6000s 3 Phase Inverter Drive High Frequency Ac Drives 10kw
0.7kHz 6000s 3 Phase Inverter Drive High Frequency Ac Drives 10kw

Large Image :  0.7kHz 6000s 3 Phase Inverter Drive High Frequency Ac Drives 10kw

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shenzhen China
Brand Name: Frecon
Model Number: FR500A&510A

0.7kHz 6000s 3 Phase Inverter Drive High Frequency Ac Drives 10kw

Output Type: Triple Input Voltage: 380V
Output Current: Load Type: DC/AC Inverters
Weight: As Per Unit Size: As Per Unit
High Light:

0.7kHz 3 Phase Inverter Drive


6000s 3 Phase Inverter Drive


10kw 3 Phase Inverter

Product Description

high frequency ac drives manufacturers 3 phase inverter




Power input

Rated input voltage (V)

3-phase 380 V (-15%~+30%)

Rated input current (A)

See table 2-1

Rated input frequency(Hz)


Power output

Applicable motor(kW)

See table 2-1

Rated output current(A)

See table 2-1

The maximum output voltage(V)

0~rated input voltage, error<±3%

The maximum output frequency(Hz)

0.00~600.00 Hz,unit0.01Hz


V/f patterns

V/f control
Sensor-less vector control 1
Sensor-less vector control 2

Speed range

1:50 (V/f control)
1:100 (sensor-less vector control 1)
(sensor-less vector control 2)

Speed accuracy

±0.5% (V/f control)
±0.2% (sensor-less vector control 1 & 2)

Speed fluctuation

±0.3% (sensor-less vector control 1 & 2)

Torque response

< 10ms (sensor-less vector control 1 & 2)

Starting torque

0.5Hz: 180% (V/f control, sensor-less vector control 1)
0.25Hz: 180% (sensor-less vector control 2)

Basic functions

Carrier frequency


Overload capability

G Model:150% Rated Current 60s,180% Rated Current 10s,200% Rated Current 1s.
P Model:120% Rated Current 60s,145% Rated Current 10s,160% Rated Current 1s.

Torque boost

Automatic torque boost;Manual torque boost 0.1%~30.0%

V/F Curve

Three ways:Three ways: straight; multi-point type; N Th-type V / F curve(1.2 Th -type, 1.4 Th -type, 1.6 Th -type, 1.8 Th -type, 2
Th -type

Acceleration and deceleration Curve

Line or curve acceleration and deceleration mode.
Four kinds of acceleration and deceleration time
,Ramp Time Range :0.0~6000.0s

DC brake

DC brake start frequency: 0.00~600.00Hz
DC brake time:0.0s
DC brake current:0.0%

Basic functions

Jog brake

Jog frequency range:0.00Hz~50.00Hz.
Jog deceleration time: 0.0s

Simple PLC, Multi-speed

Through the built-in PLC or control terminal to achieve up to 16 speed running

Built-in PID

Facilitate the realization of process control loop control system

Automatic voltage adjustment(AVR)

When the grid voltage changes, can automatically maintain a constant output voltage

Fast current limit function

Minimize over current fault protection inverter running

Over voltage Over current

System automatically limits of current and voltage during operation to prevent frequent


Command source

Given the control panel, control terminal, serial communication port given.

Frequency given

9 kinds of frequency given sources: digital setting, keyboard potentiometer setting, analog
Voltage, given analog current reference pulse is given, the serial port is given, multi-speed given, PLC is given, the process PI
D reference. There are several ways to switch

Input terminal

7 Switch input terminals, one way to make high-speed pulse input.
3-channel analog inputs, including 2-way 0
~10V / 0~20mA voltage and current options,
a way to support -10
~+10 V input


2-way switch output terminal, which supports a maximum road speed 100kHz pulse output.
2 relay output terminals.
2 analog output terminal, and optional voltage and current.


Parameter copy, parameter backup, flexible parameter displayed & hidden. Common DC bus(Contains below 30 KW).
Three faults recorded.
Over excitation brake, overvoltage stall protection programmable, under voltage stall


Provide fault protection dozen: Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Overtemperature, Overload Etc Protection.

Display and keyboard

LED Display

Display Parameters

Key lock and function selection

Realize some or all of the keys locked, scope definition section keys to prevent misuse

Run and stop monitoring information

In the run or stop can be set to monitor U00 group four objects were.


Place of

Indoors, no direct sunlight, free from dust, corrosive gases,
flammable gases, oil mist, water vapor, water drop and salt, etc.


De-rate 1% for every 100m when the altitude is above 1000 meters




5~95%, no condensation


Less than 5.9m/s2 (0.6g)





Rated power≥93%


Wall-mounted or Flange mounting

IP grade



Fan cooled





F R 5 0 0A series is a high performance, high quality, high power density design,new generation inverter of FRECON,

which is with Mainly for OEM customers of the mid-high market and for applications such as fan and pump , flexible

design, embedded SVC and VF control,widely used in the applications higher requirements, such as the speed control

accuracy and torque response speed, low frequency output characteristics.


New Technology Platform, Large Surplus Derating Design

Adopt Infineon new generation of IGBT hardware platform, with higher configuration and large surplus derating design.


Independent Air Duct

The independent air duct design , can effectively prevent the dust from entering the inverter and causing the fault of short

circuit, improve the reliability.

Select the long-life and max air flow rate cooling fans,Effectivelly reduce inverter temperature rise,ensure reliable and

stable operation.


Wide Range Voltage Input with International Standards

Rated voltage: 3 phase 380-480V , 50Hz/60Hz

Voltage fluctuation range:325-528V , 50Hz/60Hz


Strong Overload Ability

Heavy load overload capacity:

a. 150% of rated load can keep 1 min

b. 180% of rated load can keep 10 s

c. 200% of rated load can keep 1 s


Comprehensive protection functions

FR500A and FR510A series have comprehensive protection functions such as output to ground short circuit protection,

fan drive circuit protection, external 24VDC short circuit protection, motor overload protection, optional

PT100 / PT1000 motor temperature protection function, etc.

According to the severity of the fault type, it can be selected as pre-warning,fault stop and continuous operation, it is

convenient for maintenance.


Optimized Sructural Design, Leading Technology Platform

Compare with previous generation products of the same power , the size of FR500A series is smaller, greatly saves

the installation space, it’s convenient to layout the electronic control device ; maximum installation area reduced

by 50%, volume reduced by 60%.


Perfect Brake Circuit Scheme

Strong braking ability : The short-time braking ability can reach 1.1-1.4 times of inverter’s rated power.

Brake protection is more comprehensive and intelligent.

a. General model: 0.4 ~ 22 kw built-in brake unit

b. F R500A series: Below 37 kw (including 37 kw) , built-in brake unit. 45 kw ~ 75 kw built-in brake unit is optional


Excellent Performance

High-start torque characteristic.

0.5Hz can provide 150% start torque(No PG vector control 1) .

0.25Hz can provide 150% start torque(No PG vector control 2).

Sensorless vector control can reduce susceptibility of motor parameter, improve the field adaptability.


Flexible and Diversified Terminal Functions

Multi-function terminal DI, DO, AO with a variety of logic functions for selection.

AI terminal can be used as multi-function DI terminal.

Built-in multi-group virtual DI and DO function selection to reduce external DI/DO wiring.

Support high-speed pulse input and output, up to 100 KHZ.


Built-in self-adaptive PID function module

Built-in two groups of PID parameters , which can automatically switch according to the deviation, DI terminal

and frequency conditions.

Given and feedback source selection is various, practical.

Detect function of PID feedback loss , which is convenient for user to detect faults.

Support dormancy and wake up function, can be switched according to the frequency and pressure.


V/F fully separated and semi-separated Operation

Automatically compensate by voltage when overload, realize output voltage constant and meet the application

requirements of power supply industry.


Speed Tracking Function

In the case of fast start, the inverter can make the motor to start smoothly according to the current operation

direction and speed of the motor.


Multiple Communication Expansion Card

Support PROFIBUS, CAN, GPRS DTU and other communications.


Match a Variety Of Encoder (FR510A)

Support the OC, push-pull, difference, EN1313, U/V/W rotating transformer and other kinds of encoder.


Convenient Debugging

Strong back ground software.

Specialized upload and download module, convenient parameter debugging and backup.

According to the industry demand, develop a dedicated application macro.


The Unique Dead Zone Compensation

Ensure torque output smoothly under the low frequency.


Oscillation Suppression Function

When detected motor oscillation, automatic trimming output voltage and frequency make motor running smoothly.


CE Certification

The inverters comply with the directive requirements of the ‘New method of technical coordination and standardization’ in EU.

Company Information

Company profile


FRECON Shenzhen City is certified double-soft enterprises.
National Hi-Tech Enterprises
37 patents and utility software copyright
12-year solar inverter and water pump inverter experience
It has five service centers and 12 branches in China
Distribution network and service centers covering 40 countries around the world
Products covering power 0.2KW ~ 1MW


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Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?

A: Yes, we could offer the sample to test with reasonable charges.We can send the sample to you by express like DHL or UPS,normally you can receive the sample in one week.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?

100% in advance . Welcome pay by Trade Assurance through Alibaba so your payment can get guarantee from ALibaba company. L/C and O/A would be possible for regular customers.

Q: What is your terms of packing?

A:Generally, We use carton box pack low rated power VFD, VFDs that are 55KW and above are packed by wooden box. reasonable special packing requirements from customers are acceptable for us.

Q. Do you test all your goods before delivery?

A: Yes, 100% test before delivery

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it would be 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity. we have much experiency supply goods to big customer,so don't worry about the delivery time.


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