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General Purpose Inverter

FR200 Series SVC Inverter

Three Phase 220V 0.75 ~75kWThree Phase 380V 0.75 ~710kWVector Control Inverter

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  FR200 series vector control inverter positioned as high-end market OEM customersand the specific 

requirements of fan and pump and other loads applications.

  FR200 design flexibility, embedded SVC and VF control in one, can be widely used for applications 

that require high speed control accuracy,speed torque response, low-frequency output. In addition to 

all the features included FR100, but also has the following mainfeatures:  
   -Support torque control. 
   -SensorlessVector Control.  
   -Plug-threading hole design.  
   -Integrated model with G&P in one.  
   -Support function code parameter backup.  
   -Flange (wall) mounting design.  
   -Built-in brake uniti soptional for the equipments with 37~75kw.
   -Reactor built-in the equipments with 90kw or above.  
   -With a high-speed pulse output and a-10V to +10V voltage input.

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