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2020 South China Shenzhen (International) Industry Fair

Date:2020-10-09 11:16:12Author:FRECONClick:120

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Build the first exhibition of China Light Industry!

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the regional and cluster characteristics of the global economy have become increasingly prominent. It has become a regional economy to create advantageous industrial belts around the improvement of regional innovation ability and realize the industrial scale, intensive and linkage development

One of the determinants of China's global competitive advantage. With the adoption by the State Council of the "Pearl River Delta region reform and development plan (2008-2020)" and "light industry adjustment and revitalization plan" (May 18, 2009), the development of Pan Pearl River Delta region and China's light industry has ushered in a historic opportunity.

In order to support the Pan Pearl River Delta region and China's light industry in integrating resources, coping with the crisis, stimulating consumption and expanding domestic demand, so as to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and build a new global competitive advantage of the Pan Pearl River Delta region and China's light industry, China Council for the promotion of international trade and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government jointly decided to hold "China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Exposition" in South China city of ShenzhenShenzhen Industrial Fair for short).

With the theme of "raw material procurement, finished product trading, technical exchange and win-win cooperation", Shenzhen Industrial Expo integrates and optimizes the industrial procurement resources in Pan Pearl River region, China and even the world through the scale display and centralized transaction of "new materials, new products, new technologies and new markets", so as to achieve the goal of "building the first exhibition of China's light industry".

Address:Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

Date:October 12 - 15, 2020

Automation Hall 


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