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FRECON Electric Achieved A Complete Success At The 2014 Vietnam Electricity Exhibition

Date:2014-06-11 11:10:40Author:孚瑞肯电气Click:106

The 7th Ho Chi Minh Electric Power Exhibition was held at the International Convention and Exhibition Center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from July 16 to 19, 2014. FRECON Electric brought a full range of two major fields of industrial automation FR series inverters and energy power PV series photovoltaic water pump inverters. The products were dressed up at the exhibition, showing FRECON's latest product research and development results and industry solutions to Vietnam and the entire Southeast Asian market.

The simple and atmospheric open FRECON booth, especially our new energy photovoltaic inverter attracted many visitors to stop and watch. Many customers immediately showed a great willingness to cooperate after learning more about the product. So far, our FR series inverter products have successfully signed an agent, and the photovoltaic products PV series have been successfully applied to farmland irrigation projects in central Vietnam.

During this trip to Vietnam, FRECON Electric came well prepared and returned with a full load. It was quite rewarding. It not only promoted FRECON’s brand promotion and product penetration in the industrial control field very well, but also allowed customers to experience FRECON’s personal experience. Innovative technology, excellent quality and perfect service have further expanded the overseas industry market. In the future, FRECON will continue to combine its existing development advantages and core competitiveness to fully build and give full play to the group company’s resource platform advantages, fully grasp the industry’s technological trends and the individual needs of customers, and provide customers with better products And a more perfect series of solutions!

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