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FRECON Successful Participation In Moscow Power Electronics Expo 2019

Date:2019-07-16 11:00:41Author:FRECONClick:92

Moscow Power Electronics Expo 2019 successfully concluded in Moscow, Russia on 18th Apr. FRECON was invited to participate in the exhibition, show general-purpose Inverter & Special Purpose Inverter, launching new generation products of FR150 & FR500A Series General Purpose Inverter.

At this exhibition, FRECON exhibited new series of upgraded inverter equipment, providing excellent solutions for inverter quality, volume, marketing strategy and other issues. During these three days (15th-18th Apr), FRECON attracted many industry insiders, staff member always communicated with visitors with full enthusiasm and patience. Features and advantages of product are reflected in the wonderful speeches and demonstrations from staff member. After visitors had a certain understanding of products, they expressed great interest in products of FRECON, many visitors feedback that want to have depth cooperate through this opportunity, and some visitors buy exhibits directly to test performance as soon as possible.

Through this exhibition, FRECON has reached cooperation and intention with many visitors. At the same time, has friendly communication with other peer companies, made many new friends, learned the latest marketing info of inverter industry, it broadens our horizons and will bring new opportunities for future development of FRECON.

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