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Exhibition Event

FRECON Electric will participate in the 2018 Nuremberg Industrial Automation Exhibition in Germany

Date:2018-08-29 11:06:21Author:FRECONClick:105

Dear FRECON customers and partners:

FRECON will participate in the SPS/IPC/DRIVES2018 exhibition in Germany from November 27 to 29. Welcome everyone to visit our booth.

The Nuremberg Industrial Automation Exhibition (SPS/IPC/DRIVES) has been successfully held for 28 sessions since it was held in 1989, and has now developed into a top event in the field of electrical automation systems and components in Europe and even the world. The exhibition focused on related products and services such as electrical drives, motion control, industrial software, sensors, industrial communication networks, mechanical systems and peripheral equipment, and attracted many internationally renowned companies to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition is hosted by Mesago, Germany's Mesago Exhibition Group. In 2017, 1,675 companies from more than 40 countries and regions including Germany, Italy, China, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United States, Russia, and the United Kingdom participated in the exhibition. The exhibition area reached 130,000 square meters, of which 523 were international exhibitors, accounting for 32.7. %; Attracted 70264 professional visitors from all over the world to visit, of which 15,352 (accounting for 24.3%) came from 75 countries and regions outside Germany.

Full name of the exhibition: SPS/IPC/DRIVES2018

Address: Exhibition Centre Nuremberg Germany

Date: 27th. – 29th.Nov.2018

Booth number: 3-315 Hall 3

Contact: Benson Hu


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